Avoid unexpected rental charges

With a 1 in 4 chance your rental car hides unmarked damage,
why risk paying for damage you didn't cause?

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Your Essential Pre-Rental Inspection Companion

Hassle-Free Rent helps anyone who is renting a car to check it properly for any pre-existing damage.
Our service guides you through a detailed rental car inspection and helps you document the car's condition with a photo-evidence report. Once you are finished you can share it directly with your rental company – all in a seamless .pdf format sent to all involved parties.

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How Does Hassle-Free Rent Work?

Rental Inspection Guide
Step 1

Open The Guide

As soon as you arrive at your rental car, launch our Hassle-Free Rent inspection guide.

Step 2

Snap Photos

Follow our easy instructions to take photos from various angles, automatically uploading each one to our system.

Step 3

Review & Document

After snapping the necessary shots, you'll check specific car parts for any damage. Spot something? Just take extra photos.

Step 4

Submit & Secure

Once your inspection is complete, input contact details, and we’ll send the .pdf report to both you and the rental company.

Benefits of using Hassle-Free Rent

Avoid Costly Car Rental Charges

Save Money

Avoid costly charges for damage you didn't cause with detailed pre-rental inspections.

Have a proof of the rental car's condition

Peace of Mind

Drive with confidence knowing you have documented proof of the car's pre-rental condition.

Easy way how to inspect your rental car

Ease of Use

No expertise needed – our guide walks you through the entire inspection process.

Rental Car inspection on any device


Start your inspection on any device, anywhere – no need for special equipment.

Avoid disputes with car rental companies

Dispute Resolution

Leverage detailed inspection reports to easily resolve any disputes with rental companies.

Community approved solution for car rentals

Community Trusted

Join a community of smart travelers who never overpay for rental car damage.

Car rental companies don't care
how you check the car,
but we do!

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Frequently asked questions

The service is not fully operational yet.

We are working hard to get this up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can use our guide to inspect your car. However - THE SYSTEM WON'T GENERATE OR SEND .PDF REPORT AT THE MOMENT.
You can use the form in order to inspect the car and save the images locally on your phone.